Vitamin D and It’s Importance to Your Performance!

What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D is a vitamin many of us know because you can obtain it through the sun. Did you know that getting Vitamin D from outside is often not near enough for your daily needs? Many athletes are deficient in this because they don’t get enough in their diet. You can obtain Vitamin D through fatty fish, mushrooms, fortified milk or orange juice, yogurt, or egg yolks. How does Vitamin D affect your training?

Vitamin D functions as a modulator in as many as 1000 genes in your body that are involved in cellular growth, immune function, protein synthesis, and calcium absorption. What this means is it keeps your bones strong, aids your body from getting sick, and helps your body to recover and build new muscle after a day of training or competition. If you are deficient in this vitamin then it can cause symptoms similar to overuse where your body becomes lethargic, prone to illness, and there are no gains made from your training or in your performance. How can I prevent this? ​ The number one way to prevent this is by making sure you have a well-rounded diet but sometimes it can be confusing. If you feel you are plateauing it could be from numerous factors including diet, technique, and training program. Deciphering what the cause of this plateau is can be even more challenging and often requires an expert evaluation. Please contact Dr Ben Bagge at for his expertise in performance enhancement if you have further questions.

Stay tuned for future posts on more detailed looks into other common deficiencies that affect your performance and how to optimize your recovery with your diet!

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