Training for Weight Gain (Bulking)!

How to gain weight: The ability to muscle mass is dependent of several factors including genetics, body type, nutrition, and training type. As discussed in previous posts hypertrophy training is the best method to gain muscle mass although you must have proper nutrition for that to occur. What should caloric intake look like for gaining muscle mass? The recommended caloric intake for gaining a pound of muscle is 2500 calories or an increase of about 350-700 calories more than you burn throughout the day. Protein intake should increase to 1.5 – 2.0 g/kg of bodyweight and be consumed throughout the day, especially pre and post workouts along with carbohydrates. This allows for the body to build new muscle while maintaining the muscle your body already has. What does this mean to you? ​ If you are serious about improving your muscle mass make sure you are keeping track of your calories, both burned and eaten, and performing the right type of training. If you would like extra help or aren’t seeing the results you want, please contact Dr Ben Bagge at for his expertise in strength and conditioning. Stay tuned for future posts on more detailed looks into the macronutrients and how they pertain to your workouts and training goals!

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