Pro+Kinetix Virtual Visit

Interested in a Virtual Visit with us, but not sure what to expect? Dr. Ben explains what to expect and how Pro+Kinetix is able to deliver the same, high quality value with virtual visits as we always have with in person visits!⁣

One of the biggest ways we help patients is movement assessment. .⁣

✅Watching how they move⁣


✅Diagnosing problem areas⁣


✅Prescribing the appropriate corrective exercises. 🌟An online virtual appointment allow us to do the same movement evaluation and education that we always have with our patients!⁣


🌟What do you want to feel like when life goes back to normal?⁉️ Use this time wisely to invest in your health. . 💥As we open-up availability for online appointments, we’re extending our FIRST EVER public sale! For any new patient, your first evaluation appointment is only $99! (For a full 1 hour appointment!😳) .⁣

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