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🔹Doctor Mike comes from a family that are in the medical community so originally he was following the steps to go to medical school but realized he was only following in his parents footsteps. So he changed routes and took a year off after graduating undergrad. While looking into other avenues Mike got a job as a strength and conditioning coach. He realized he could combine into a hybrid his medical background and his passion for it as well as his strength and conditioning passion. So blending those two into a field where he could work in the medical side and also a performance setting ended up being a hybrid job that was the perfect fit for his two passions.🏋️👨‍⚕️

🔹The best part of being a physical therapist for Dr. Mike is showing people and letting them know what their body is capable of 💪. A lot of times when we're injured or going through surgery or chronic pain we start to doubt what our bodies are capable of when getting back to the stuff we love. As a therapist he gets to help guide them in the process and help them be the hero of their own journey of learning how to being their bodies back, heal, to get stronger, and conquer their fears🏋️. So being the one that helps guide them and then being apart of that experiences as they transition out of rehab and back into the things they love is rewarding. To help clients use their body to it's fullest capability is why he loves being a physical therapist.

🔹Fun fact about Dr. Mike Alzheimer is that he is related to Alois Alzheimer, Mike found this out through family ancestry. Alois was a physician that studied dementia and they named the diagnosis after his name due to all the discoveries he made - hence Alzheimer's disease.🧠

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