Meet the Team: Dr. Colin


🔹 In college Dr. Colin knew he wanted to be in the medical field but wasn't sure which route specifically. After a shoulder injury and thought he was done with sports and couldn't play again. Going through physical therapy himself he met a great PT that Dr. Colin created a great bond with which led him to go down the PT route specifically sports related because he wanted to get that personal interaction with his clients.

🔹Dr. Colin love's meeting new clients and hearing their stories. During sessions you talk about so much from favorite sports to childhood likes so meeting people is a great thing about PT. When people come and see us it's often at their low points due to not being able to do the activities and sports they want to do. So being able to get them back to those things and the life they want is very rewarding as a physical therapy.

🔹On his free time Dr. Colin loves sports. He all for playing any type of sports from Basketball to even Frisbee. He loves socializing with friends, going to the beach, hiking, playing cards. During this time of COVID-19 Colin has virtual gatherings with friends and family.

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