Meet the Team

💥 MEET THE TEAM! First up, Dr. Ben Bagge 💥

🔹When Doctor Ben Bagge was a senior in high school he sustained injury from basketball which restricted him at playing the level he wanted to. He went to physical therapy for it and made improvement which planted the seed. In college he learned more about the human body and became really interested and chose to go to physical therapy school. His passion is helping athletes and active adults get back to workout and sports they enjoy without medication, injections, and surgeries! 👍⁣

🔹Dr.Ben started Pro+Kinetix because he wanted to improve and bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance. He used to work in a traditional physical therapy practice that required him to see 3 or 4 patients at once and was cycling in patients every 15 minutes. This led to patients needing to come in 2-3 sessions per week and ultimately coming in for 20- 30 sessions because they weren't getting that one-on-one time that they needed. He started Pro+Kinetix physical therapy and performance to provide that one-on-one care and decrease the overall sessions that patients needed and allowed them to get to all the activity and sports that they wanted to get back to.💪⁣

🔹Ben's favorite part of the job is seeing patients go through the rehabilitation process and ultimately reach their goals. Seeing people get back basketball, running, swimming, and all the activities they've been unable to achieve and get back to is Ben's favorite part and what he loves about being a physical therapist.⁣

🔹Fun Fact about Dr. Ben is that his parents own the biggest strawberry farm in Iowa! 🍓 Yes, Dr. Ben is from Independence, Iowa!

Pro+Kinetix Physical Therapy & Performance specializes in helping active individuals in Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, and San Francisco get back to exercising and working out pain free without having to take time off or relying on injections/pain medication. Pro+Kinetix offers rehabilitation and performance services to all populations, with specialties in Sports Rehabilitation, Active Release Techniques, and Manual Therapy Techniques plus Personal and Small Group Training, Sport Clinics and Wellness Services.

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