Leg Lift Technique!

How to properly perform leg lifts to avoid injury and maximize core strength gains: Leg lifts are one of the most common abdominal exercises completed when working out. This is for good reason though. Performing leg lifts are a great way to target your anterior abdominals, specifically the lower abdominals which are often harder to strengthen and therefore are weak in many individuals. However, if the technique is not performed correctly throughout the exercise then there may be no real benefit from performing it. The main mistake that many make when performing leg lifts are not engaging the core throughout causing increased arching of the back. What this does is cause for greater use of the hip flexors throughout the motion instead of improvements in abdominal strength. The leg lift can be a great exercise for core strength when done correctly. Make sure to focus on your form in your next session to see if you notice a difference.

Why is this important? ​ It is very important to make sure that you are performing exercise techniques properly to be certain you are improving your performance and working the muscles that you are trying to focus on. Please contact Dr. Ben Bagge at prokinetixrehab.com for his expertise in exercise biomechanics if you have any questions regarding how you can be improving your performance in competition or technique in the weight room.

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