Headache Workshop

A workshop targeting headaches where you get actionable steps and exercises to decrease the intensity and frequency of headaches. We also discuss why they are happening!

"Headaches are a pain that most of us know all too well. Whether it be a migraine, a sinus headache, or a tension headache, nearly all of us experience headaches occasionally. What you might not know though, is that in some cases, physical therapy can help! When your headaches turn from the occasional flare-up to a regular problem, you may have what’s known as a ‘headache disorder.’ According to the W.H.O, about 1 in 20 adults suffer from headache disorders, the most common of which is the tension headache.

Physical therapy can be a great option to treat headaches (like tension headaches) caused by musculoskeletal issues such as tightness, muscle tension, and postural and mobility issues, After an initial evaluation, we use a variety of techniques to treat the causes of your issue. These techniques include:

- Soft tissue mobilization

- Stretching

- Ice and/or heat

- Neck mobilizations

- Strength work

Even if your headaches are downright debilitating, the good news is that you don’t have to resign yourself to a lifetime of suffering and pill-popping. Diagnosing and treating the source of your pain, instead of just treating the symptoms, will go a long way towards ensuring a headache-free future."

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