Food is Your Energy!

How does food intake effect your training? Food is how your body gets its energy from day to day and as you can imagine, what you put into it matters. Your diet should be well rounded including carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water. When you are deficient in any of the areas your body does not work at its full potential. Many times, athletes and training individuals can develop fatigue during competition, or their workouts simply caused by their diet. It is usually caused by inadequate number of total calories (or calories coming prom processed foods), glycogen depletion, or a deficient vitamin.

Why should food intake matter to you? When you do not get the proper diet that your body needs for the activity you perform, your body is fatigued and leaves you at an increased risk of injury. Continuous poor food choices have been shown to cause deficiencies in Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D, and B12 among athletes. These deficiencies can be detrimental to your performance in competition. How can I prevent this? ​ Make sure you know the food that you are putting into your body and that you have a well-rounded diet. Creating a food plan that is right for your activity level can be difficult at times and often require research or an expert opinion. If you notice fatigue in your performance or would just like to check in to make sure you are having a diet right for your body, please contact Dr Ben Bagge at for his expertise with the human body and its physical performance.

Stay tuned for future posts on more detailed looks into how to prevent these deficiencies to allow you to perform at the best of your ability!

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