Core Strengthening

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

What is the purpose of core strengthening? The core is present in everything you do from getting up in the morning to your squatting and deadlifting in the gym. When it is not strong or lacks endurance, your bod can suffer in the long run leading to bad posture and ultimately injury and pain. Core strength is something that many people attempt to throw in at the end of a workout for 5 minutes, but it should be incorporated throughout every lift.

Does having “abs” mean you have a strong core? Having abs does not mean that you have a strong core and not having abs doesn’t mean you do not have a strong core. This is because the core is made up of more than just your rectus abdominus which gives you the “abs” look. The core is composed of your superficial and deep back musculature, your hip muscles, your pelvic floor, and many others. All of these muscles must work together to have a strong core. Because of this, if one spot in the chain is weak there is an imbalance which leads to injury and dysfunction. What does this mean to you? ​ There are no set guidelines for core strengthening but instead if you have proper form and technique throughout your workouts you should feel it throughout your core as well. If you are in the Oakland, California or surrounding Bay Area and would like extra help to identify if you are lacking anywhere in your chain of core musculature to prevent injury and improve your performance, please contact Dr. Ben Bagge for his expertise.

Core strength is more than just a 6-Pack!
Core Strength

About the Author:

Dr. Ben Bagge, PT, DPT, CSCS is a Physical Therapist, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and USA Weightlifting Coach and owner of Pro+Kinetix. Ben specializes in helping active individuals in Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, and San Francisco get back to exercising and working out pain free without having to take time off or relying on injections/pain medication.

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