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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying

Shine W.

"Ben is such a pleasure to work with! He helped me with my lower back pain that I was experiencing with exercise. His sessions are both enjoyable and efficient. I now feel stronger and more confident in my physical abilities as well as knowledgeable and well-versed when it comes to body mechanics and form. I appreciate the attention to detail that Ben provides with his work and the time he takes to get to know his clients. I also always found his explanations easy to understand and his assessments and recommendations to be thoughtful and effective."

Vanessa C.

"I have been dealing with annoying back pain for several months and a litany of chiropractors, physical therapists and acupuncturists weren't helping. Three sessions with Dr Ben and I'm almost back to normal. In addition to knowing his stuff, Ben is also great to be around. He spends time with his patients in hour-long sessions and really takes the time to understand the body (and requisite treatment), explains things clearly, while not being a bore. He's also easy to schedule with and efficient with billing. 5/5 recommend!"

Frank S.

"Ben was very knowledgeable and easy to work with.  He gave me exercises that helped me recover from a nasty reoccurring lower back issue that was keeping me out of the gym.  The exercises and advice he gave me got me back on track in under two months and feeling great.  This guy really knows what he is talking about!"

Jordan S.

"As an endurance athlete, I have a propensity to overtrain.  This is how I came into Ben's care as his patient.  After a race in May, I thought I had torn my iliopsoas.  Through manual tests, Ben ruled it out and actually suggested a labral tear or hip fracture.  After an MRI a week later, it turned out to be the latter.  Since then, I have changed my entire workout program to what he has suggested.  


I was afraid I would backslide immensely due to my hip fracture.  Ben has helped me make the most of it and actually learn a lot about my training and approach to cardio as a result of it.  Despite the limitation of only being able to use my left leg, my physique has actually improved and my lifts have gotten better for my upper body.  And my (dynamic) balance on my good leg is incredible.  My right leg has atrophied slightly but not nearly as dramatically (I'm sure) than if I had not sought his guidance.


Ben's time is also worth every penny: rather than spending a mere 10 minutes like other PTs, Ben spends every minute with you.  No middleman.  In a country with a broken health care system and over saturated clinics, Ben's approach is refreshing.  No Aides or Assistants - just one-on-one quality care without the rush.  You don't develop a patient-doctor relationship with him but rather a good rapport and emotional synergy; your health and wellness is not his job but rather his passion.  


His calm nature, Maharishi attitude, empathy and thoroughness is what every PT should embody. Ben is a breath of fresh air to the PT practice.  He is not just an asset to my facility but to anyone who is looking for a coach and a rehabilitation expert.  His approach and practice to PT should be the way of the future."

Eileen A.

"Ben rocks! I went to him with a whole list of problems, knee, back, shoulder, etc. I hadn't been exercising in a few years because of one pain problem after another. I finally just reached the point where I was just over it and sick of always feeling like crap or like I can't do stuff.

Ben helped sort through all of the exact pains with no hesitation, he took great notes and knew exactly what to do.

It turns out this list of various pains that I kept attributing to just general body "aging" were actually things that he could treat with physical therapy and specific exercises.

I kid you not - after just a few sessions my body did a complete turn around. Back pain - gone. Knee - 90% fixed. Shoulder - 75% fixed. And my energy is double from when I started with him. This is all in just like 3 weeks.

I went from being all achy and not wanting to do anything that took a bunch of effort because I'd end up in some kind of pain - to being ready to uplevel my exercise program and looking forward to going more times per week.  This is a real turnaround and I know the change is totally due to Ben's program and expert advice."

Paul B.

"Approximately 6 months ago, I injured my shoulder doing some incline bench press / overhead press exercises. 

Long story short, Ben fixed my shoulder in 3 weeks of treatment. The diagnosis was solid. The 1h sessions I had with Ben were packed with efficient diagnostic exercises, cupping / recovery stuff that helped with pain, and Ben coaching me through exercises that I could do at home to speed up recovery. 

After just one week of working with Ben, my shoulder started getting better. 

I was blown away. 

Before working with Ben, I wasted 3 months working with two other physical therapists. Both were highly rated on yelp. Turns out the other two therapists misdiagnosed me, and gave me shitty care. Those sessions felt rushed, and I felt like I was getting scammed since those therapists spent 25 min each week just icing me, something that I clearly could do at home. 

Working with Ben was the opposite. 1h of his time was worth more than every single PT session I previously had. Ben was engaged and helpful for every single minute. 

Like I said, after implementing Ben's training plan, the pain went away in 1 week, and 30 days later, I'm back in the gym."


Meagan B.

"I had been struggling with tendinitis for a few months, including visiting two other PTs unsuccessfully, before I met Ben. After one session with him, I was fully confident that his approach to rehabbing my ankle and other contributing issues would get me even stronger than I'd been before. 

Working with him has been the best medical experience I've ever had. He is so knowledgeable about all things injury-, fitness-, and strengthening-related, and always explains how the exercises he gives contribute to your goals. He always took the time to understand my specific issues and goals and personalized my rehab program to fit them. This had never been my experience with PTs before - I'd always felt like I was getting a generic program from a textbook. 

Aside from that, he's been an absolute blast to work with. I'm so grateful for his knowledge and help to get back to my running progress - I cannot recommend Ben highly enough!"

Chris B.

"I went to see Ben after straining my pec, due to improper form and a big ego about 4 months ago,  he taught me proper form and different exercises to help me turn on the muscles that are supposed to be firing.  We've touched on glute, lower trap, serratus, rhomboid activation etc.  I'm a desk jockey for 8+ hours a day and Ben has helped me to fix my posture and change my approach to exercise to be more functional and have no pain.  I pulled my lower back 6-7 years ago and haven't been able to squat over 185 since without my lower back hurting, with bens warmup and distracted band stretching techniques I'm now able to squat 300+ with no lower back pain.  He also helped me fix my deadlift form with similar results.  He knows his stuff and doesn't try to make you a life long customer, he gives you the tools you need to lift heavier and do it without pain.  Anyone who thinks they're "getting old" and can't lift as much as they used to should go see Ben for a tune up."

Lorna M.

 "I can honestly say, working with Ben was one of the best decisions of my LIFE - honestly.  Ben taught me how to improve my posture through the correct exercises, which enabled me to virtually eliminate the need for weekly chiropractic adjustments.  He has taught me to maintain strength in key areas so I maintain my adjustments.  I haven't been back to my chiropractor, and feel awesome.  People have commented about my improved posture and are in awe at the transformation.  Thank you Ben, you have given me an amazing gift, that will last my lifetime - a happier, healthier lifetime!  I wish I had done this 30 years ago and saved myself all the time and money used on my chiropractor...  I highly recommend Ben.  He really knows his stuff!"